Introducing... BOKITO

Unusual bands are the best so when London-Irish ‘tropical indie’ sensations BOKITO dropped into our inbox we couldn't help but take a listen and they did not disappoint. The band have just released their debut single ‘Better At Getting Worse’ on Lost In The Manor and it is a complete tune.

Frontman Moses (yes, Moses) explains:

“The song is primarily aimed at men and their own handling of their emotions... and how useless most of them are at it. But we men are talented at one thing, which is suppressing everything and moulding it into a smile.”

He moves on to state:

"Everyone thinks I’m better but really I’m just getting better… better at getting worse”.

Produced by Bradley Spencer and Alex Beitzke in London’s Fish Tank studios, and mastered by legendary Grammy-nominated engineer Greg Calbi, ‘Better At Getting Worse’ is a characteristically compelling first salvo from a band who have a rich seam of ready singles in waiting. The band mix rock, soca, funk and roots and have coined a phrase for their unique genre mashup: "Tropical Indie". BOKITO take inspiration from such diverse sources as J Dilla, Jeff Buckley, Fela Kuti, Justin Timberlake and Queens of the Stone Age to bring a little of the rousing celtic spirit of Moses’ Irish homeland to London’s global soundscape.

Take a listen to 'Better At Getting Worse' and don't miss out on these guys!


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