Album Review: Danny Worsnop 'The Long Road Home'

Music can be unpredictable. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who could have predicted what the last 4-5 years have had in store for English metalcore heart-throb Danny Worsnop. The Yorkshireman has found himself at almost every end of the musical spectrum as of late – with ‘The Long Road Home’ being Worsnop’s stab at a country inspired, empathy filled solo album. Worsnop’s unique voice has helped set him apart from the competition no matter the genre in question, and it does so again here. Tracks such as ‘Prozac’, ‘Quite A While’ and ‘Anyone But Me’ feature a lick of ingenuity from the Yorkshireman which while hardly lyrically inspiring, are a pleasant listen. It’s in these stripped back efforts that The Long Road Home has potential, although these moments are short lived. Ultimately, the record comes across as twelve songs where more often than not, Worsnop has been afforded too much artistic freedom. ‘Don’t Overdrink It’ is a song that struggles to be taken seriously, with its inclusion of banjo’s and a more upbeat country theme, which in an album that is said to depict the personal struggles of Worsnop over the last few years is somewhat jarring.

The Long Road Home is an album that floats between Danny Worsnop attempting to create something that is unique, and equally; a record that is a constant nod to Kid Rock. ‘I’ll Hold On’ and ‘Mexico’ are the kind of bland, lifeless songs that could get away with being the soundtrack to daytime TV and while nothing stands out from the record as being overtly poor music, it’s an album that has been done before and does little to cement Worsnop as a solo artist that has something new to offer. Whether it’s been in metal, glam rock or even in this case solo/country; Danny Worsnop is a vocalist whom few could criticise on a strictly performance level. His singing/screaming ability has been rarely questioned over the last 7 years, and rightfully so. But with The Long Road Home it’s hard to picture a future for the Englishman where his solo career is his main success, despite recently claiming his solo work will be his focus even after re-joining former band Asking Alexandria. Sadly, The Long Road Home is a mediocre solo effort from one of Britain’s great vocal talents. Score: 6/10 Facebook:/DannyWorsnop Twitter: @DannyWorsnop Review by Kristian Pugh