All Else Fails: 'The Forever Lie' - EP Review

The power of metal is it’s staying power and it’s sheer strength. It isn’t just catchy it empowers you. It can feel violent or smooth but as long as it does this then this will be a something that you return to years later. A lot of bands never achieve this, a lot will just be a part of the heavy sea of Metal. Every so often a song will come forth to grab you for a moment and if it’s good enough it’ll be the moment that stays forever. All Else Fails are a Canadian Metal band and they recently gave us The Forever Lie. This EP is a slow burner. ‘Beneath the Waves’ and ‘The Sons of Plenty’ are a part of the heavyweight sea of Metal. The true sense of powerful rhythm guitars and that emotive blend of screams and melodic vocals only starts to take true form with the title track – ‘The Forever Lie’. Suddenly ears prick up to hear something start to form. The violent energy of the band being realised in your head. ‘Twice Broken’ picks this up with steady energy and groovy guitar sections and ‘Bones’ really goes at it. Their sound being more than first anticipated but starting to hit that empowering violence that you will continue to sing.

‘Terracide’ is an ambitious song for the band but unfortunately not quite to the same standard of ‘Bones’ and ‘The Forever Lie’ (though brilliant final seconds). They finish this EP showing great moments of melody and it stands amongst moments of dark violence. Are these the moments that will stay with you? Maybe. It’s certainly a step towards that direction.

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