EP Review: Hawk 'She Knows'

Hawk are a London based Alternative Rock outfit ready to take 2017 by storm and to the next level. Their new release She Knows is the perfect indication and justification for this. The ambient tones of introductory melodies fill your ear drums and you are transported to an alien listening station. Then familiarity strikes, disgruntled chords break through and ring with plodding drum rhythms. Its simplicity is its beauty with raging vocals ‘Intro’ could be the best opening track to any rock release.

‘Take it Away’ keeps the alternative heavy tone, developing it somewhat into some coherence. The chilling vocals will remind you of Evanescence, whereas the instrumentation falls naturally somewhere between Muse and Kings of Leon with the added dashing of Red Hot Chili Peppers. It’s a satisfying blend.

Third track on the EP ‘Static’ has the classic feel of an indie pop anthem, with better melodies and lyricism. The layers of guitar are wondrous in two respects; they blend well with the punchy bass and overall ambience of the track. And secondly beef out the verses and choruses, not only complementing the vocals but also giving the illusion of heaviness. Which sets them apart from the often bland competition.

‘Mirror Maze’ is the penultimate track on the EP and is reminiscent of the Klaxons particularly 'Golden Skans'. Here they add another dimension to an alternative upbeat rock song and it comes mostly in the form of the vocal melodies and the great lyricism. The guitar and bass work throughout the EP is excellent but here it deserves extra merit. The tones and riffs are amazing blending so well with the thrilling vocals and drums.

‘Ghosts’ is the final track on the album and slows the trip significantly, whirling the ending to a creepy conclusion. The crashing crescendo choruses are brilliant and take the band to the next level. Vocally the entire EP is an impressive achievement and Hawk’s future is a particularly exciting one.

She Knows is an Excellent alternative EP, beautiful songs beyond the professional level which are excellently recorded and captured. Score: 7/10 Facebook:/HawkOfficial Twitter:@HAWKOfficial Review by Martin Turner