Album Review: Decade 'Pleasantries'

Bath based alt-rockers Decade have been seemingly quiet for the past two years since their debut release Good Luck in 2014. Nonetheless, the five-piece have triumphantly returned to the UK music scene with their newest offering - Pleasantries.

Within this short space of time, Decade have clearly matured and fused genres, creating a hybrid between 2017 pop-punk and a more nostalgic 90s vibe. Opening with ‘Human Being’, the listener is instantly teleported into Weezer territory (never a bad thing). The song offers a belter of a chorus, with catchy upbeat guitar leads that make this a great song for the summer and festival circuit. This is echoed within tracks like ‘Turn Off Your TV’, and ’Brand New Again’ which both showcase vocalist Sears’ high-calibre vocal range whilst paying homage to the the 90s alt-rock scene through the musicianship of the songs. Furthermore, ’Sunbeam’ does just what the title says, and brings a real optimistic and calming effect to the album, lyrically connoting the positivity an individual can bring to another’s life.

For all the positivity Decade bring to Pleasantries, they are also a band who can do ‘sultry and brooding’ very well. Tracks such as ‘Wasted’ and ‘Peach Milk’ are more down-tempo, but fuelled by heavy guitars and crescendo-driven choruses, they stand out as notable offerings from the album.

Pleasantries will appease existing fans of Decade, but certainly bring them a plethora of new listeners due to their more mature sound and rigorous tour schedules. Although the album safely relies on quite a heavily fixed rubric of loud guitar and bouncy choruses, it will certainly sound huge live and be an exciting addition to their upcoming tour circuits. Score: 7/10 Facebook:/decadeofficial Twitter: @decadeofficial Review by Kate Harrison