Album Review: Daycare For Jedi 'This Is What You Get'

Artwork by Dave Quiggle Illustration

On the face of it with a name like Daycare For Jedi it’s fair to say the majority would expect a satire outfit with songs focusing on the galaxy far far away. It would also be a fair statement that most people would switch off on that basis. Society seems to hold music as this sacred medium that can’t be comedic. As a fan of the likes of Rodney Carrington, Weird Al, and Jarrod Alonge I can say with sincerity that the generality of satirical acts fail and for good reason, most are either not funny or plain and simply put, awful. Daycare For Jedi, however follow almost none of these tropes, yes they have a name that nods to, and stands as a satire to everyone’s favourite Sci-Fi series but they are far from awful and far from comedic. Their new release This Is What You Get is proof of the pop-punk outfits’ talent and an entry to the genre that rivals its new wave neighbours, The Wonder Years, Neck Deep, and State Champs etc.

The Opening tracks ‘This is what you get’ and ‘Change’ get the record airborne destined for pop-punk greatness and in true style they shed any doubt on the quality of the album. The riff work is excellent paired with the drums, all the right decisions instrumentally have been made and Daycare For Jedi become a fresh edition to the oversaturated genre. The vocals are well deserved cherry on the cake, taking them from any imitation that could be placed and as a result take them instantaneously higher than the likes of The Story So Far.

‘Indifferent’ and ‘Moonshine’ keep the pop-punk vibe but in ‘Moonshine’ we see the versatility of this band with an inventive breakdown and middle section, topped off with one of the most satisfying crescendos of the whole genre. ‘A Better Way’ crosses the easy-core path again introducing screaming a welcome addition to the style and a homage to post-hard-core. Between the three tracks the band displays their talent in a way that pop-punk is crying out for right now.

'Brother' hits you in all the right places much like ‘Moonshine’, however ‘Brother’ is emotional from start to finish. From the opening chords to the smashing drum rhythms. The vocals here are some of the best on the album and will have you replaying just so you can shout out in unison. ‘Excuses’ is a perfect example of pop-punk, classic wallowing in self-pity over someone and it does what it should, take you back to your youth.

The next two tracks pick up the pace once more, and while the lyricism is at its weakest throughout the record, you won’t notice past the vocal performance at the stellar level it has been the whole album. The penultimate tracks take you back from the galaxy far far away, in the most stylish x-wing going. ‘Treading Water’ is a perfect outro signing the band off, with brilliant chanting sections, excellent lyricism and performance, topped off with top level riffs. Then as a subtle encore and acting as the final goodbye is Home and it ends just how it started, amazing instrumentation fuelled by high octane perfection, with System of a Down styled screams.

Daycare For Jedi have chewed pop-punk up and spat it out a new flavour, they stick to the definitions but widen the parameters. New wave bands better watch out and take notice because this is the band the genre is craving and soon enough I’m sure they will be opening for Daycare. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/DayCareForJedi Review by Martin Turner