EP Review: Underdog Champs 'Skeletons In Daylight

Photo Credit - Devoter Visuals

Underdog Champs are a band who pride themselves off not being pigeonholed to one specific genre, but rather spread their wings across many different musical paths without the fear of uncertainty - something that shines through in Skeletons in Daylight.

Tracking a total of seven songs, each holds their own uniqueness that creates for seven completely different listening experiences. The EP's opening track 'Safe In The Dark' gets the ball rolling with a thundering guitar riff that yells punk rock, soon breaking out into a contagious sing along vocal led track, accompanied by some husky screams. The midsection of the EP sees the outburst of track five 'Here For You', a powerful ballad which slowly builds from a simple acoustic remedy to something full of heart-filled emotion, chugging calmly along with its leading baseline. Drawing Skeletons in Daylight to a close is final track 'Walls' which releases a monstrous amount of momentum, ending the EP with edgy levels high.

Although little on this EP could be classed as groundbreaking or overwhelming, Skeletons in Daylight is still a job well done, something the Virginia four piece should give themselves props for. Although it is clear that pop punk is the leading bracket here, Underdog Champs definitely push the boundaries of many alternative genres which showcases everything the band is about; but most importantly you can feel the passion and love for the music they're creating. Score: 7/10 Facebook:/UnderdogChamps Twitter: @UnderdogChmpsVA Review by Josh Bates