Eclipse: 'Perspectives' - EP Review

Merthyr Tydfil was once known as the iron capitol of the world back in the 1800s. To this day not much has changed, as this town has found another way to export metal to the masses. Fighting to keep the South Wales valleys heavy are five-piece djent-iles Eclipse, who are pounding out riff after chest beating riff with the force of category five Doris.

Hailing from one of the more underrated scenes in the country, Eclipse are bringing a fresh sound to the low-end beef of contemporary metal. With their debut EP, Perspectives slamming into our ear sockets like a roided-up rhinoceros, think Architects meets Heart Of A Coward and Periphery - but in space. The atmospheric and ethereal nature is balanced just right with the heavier spectrum of the record, which many bands struggle to pull off quite as fluidly as these boys.

At their heaviest, Eclipse are a pulsar of technicality and brutality. Articulate in their execution, calculating in their structure, these are no mere seven-stringed open playing chug jockeys the metal scene has been saturated with. However, the melodic breaks in Connor Palmer’s vocals don’t have as much conviction or consistency as his ferocious gutturals for most of the EP. It’s the last two tracks, 'Self Loathing' and 'Denizens', that we see Palmer at his finest, unleashing the full brutality of – I assume – are his stainless steel vocal chords.

As first steps go, Eclipse show a lot of promise, but need to utilise all their strengths to their fullest potential. Clearly the ambition and creativity is there in spades, though at times it does feel they stick too close to their own rule book. Take our word for it, when those wings are spread we can truly expect to see something remarkable. Watch this space.

Score: 7.5/10

Perspectives is out now



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