Album Review: She Must Burn 'Grimoire'

With a musical style that somehow manages to sit somewhere in between Make Them Suffer, Motionless In White and Evanescence – London’s She Must Burn are the kind of multi-faceted outfit that manage to appeal to a widespread amount of scenes and genres, yet still manage to have an aura of individuality about them. With Grimoire – the bands’ debut album, the quintet’s mass of symphonic black metal has given them a sharp, albeit dark starting point. For the most part filled with numbing amounts of pace thanks to the stamina draining performance of drummer Daniel Ristic, Grimoire is an uncompromisingly heavy, skull crusher of a record, with ‘Gloom’ feat Sean Harmanis (Make Them Suffer) and ‘Roseblood’ in particular standing out as sprints of insufferable anguish.

While generally as dark and sinister as anything you’re likely to come across anytime soon – She Must Burn hold more in their arsenal than just thrashing pace. Keyboard player and clean vocalist Amy Miller adds a level of depth below the scathing vocals of Joseph Sinclair which lifts the quintet out of their extreme metal element, and adds layers of symphonic, anthemic metal. Both ‘Victoria’ and ‘From The Grave’ show a dexterous Sinclair with moments of more hardcore tinted vocals akin to Joel Quartuccio (Being As An Ocean) with soaring clean choruses that bring an element of power to She Must Burn that isn’t quite toppled anywhere else in the record. Relentless speed is one thing, but this is genuinely powerful metal that could fit into any sub-genre. At times Grimoire can be held back by it’s necessity to be a ferocious record, and there are moments where more technical glances would add weight to the album. Nevertheless; what She Must Burn have created here is an album that very rarely pulls punches, and nor should it. Brutality is a comfort zone for the Londoners, and while eventually this may need to be branched out – for now, you wouldn’t want it any other way. Score: 7/10 Facebook:/shemustburn Twitter: @shemustburn