EP Review: Valensole 'Where We Should Be'

Punk rock fans are becoming impatient at the stale upcoming talent, and getting angry at the half-arsed attempts by big names in the game like Sum 41 and Green Day to rekindle something special of their earlier records. Valensole are an outfit with a lot of potential in bringing an accessible version of early 90’s punk rock.

They blend tones common of Queens of the Stone Age with instrumentation found in British punk bands like The Clash or the Sex Pistols. ‘Staple Waster’ and ‘Don’t Follow Me’, kick off the anarchy with a more popular feel homing in their accessibility. The vocals are particularly raw all the way through and although the lyrical content as some weight to it, something is lost in the performance.

When ‘Believe’ hits the air though any doubts are lost. It’s Pistols meets Arctic Monkeys style riffs with grunge vocals. Valensole are on to something special there and this track stands above the rest as the best three and a half minutes on the release. It keeps the authenticity of a punk rock track and warms it up with a popular coat

‘Where We Should Be’ and ‘Inside Out’ utilise some interesting riffs and vocal effects. It’s experimental for the genre and definitely a fresh idea that works really well. With ‘Where We Should Be’ feeling like its flat final chorus could have been dropped.

‘Inside Out’ however is all out, high octane punk, playing on that alternative theme again. It has the best ending of all the songs reminiscent of ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ and it ends the experience off perfectly. Valensole are a band that has huge potential and great talent and this release is the start of a promising career. The record is something to be proud of and it’s exciting to see where Valensole will go from here.

Score: 6/10 Facebook:/valensoleband Twitter:@Valensole_Band Review by Martin Turner