Morgan Cameron Ross Releases New Song 'I Won't Live Until I Die'

After losing touch with music, Morgan Cameron Ross is back with his new track 'I Won't Live Until I Die' which features Justin Nozuka and was co-written by Ross and Bobby Bazini. Ross has previously written for grammy winners, platinum selling artists and more. He even scored his own Top 10 Billboard with his pop band Bellwoods. After deciding enough was enough with all of his previous work, why has Ross now decided to go solo and go back to his roots?

Morgan Cameron Ross: "Two years ago I got off a stage in some arena with my band and the headliners were about to go on. They do well and have some hits but they're also close to 40 years old and every single damn one of them were wearing bedazzled shoes. It was that moment right there that I knew I had to start putting out music like this song I'm sending you right now again."

You often hear of musicians who talk about their songs sounding different or that they are not content with their level of fame etc etc. If they didn't have the industry pressures and fame that are attached with music this might not be the case. Here is a fantastic story that Ross has taken the next step in putting the success aside and stepping back to music at it's core. The song reflects this state of mind and stage in his life.

He continues to state: "I'm going to make a lot less money this year than the last few. And I'd damn well rather have it this way than keep pretending I'm a guy ok wearing bedazzled shoes."

Check out the honest and beautiful 'I Won't Live Until I Die' with it's accompanying video below: