EP Review: Senses Fail 'In Your Own Absence'

Usually a Post-Hardcore outfit and pretty great one at that Senses Fail drop a ‘stripped down’ acoustic album but how does it weigh up?

Well surprisingly pretty well, it’s a pretty obvious nod to bands like Dashboard Confessional and Secondhand Serenade and done with conviction. Nine times out of ten bands do this ‘stripped back’ released and it flops and plays off as a half arsed attempt at something they think they can do well. Here you’ll be took away and tracks like ‘Death Bed’ and ‘Family Tradition’ could rival that of City & Colour.

The first track ‘Jets to Peru’ opens with pop styled instrumentation and is reminscent of early NeverShoutNever which is a delicately nice touch, however it’s not all praise, the vocal effects only hinder the performance at times. It’s not until ‘Death Bed’ do they drop the irritating emo pop effects and the very talented vocalist comes through a bit more natural and it’s an improvement to say the least. In this moment In Your Own Absence goes from being an EP you’d listen to once and not pass on to friends, to something you’ll be recommending your Nan to whack on the stereo. Just a shame on the producing direction they went with for the first portion of the EP.

By the time last track ‘Lost and Found’ hits your ears, you will have forgiven them for tying themselves down and be revelling in the flight the EP has taken. All in all it’s a risky move that here is well executed and is nothing short of a success.

As a Post-Hardcore outfit you’d imagine the next release won’t be acoustic, but it’s a nice little addition to hold fans over for sure and as a fan I’d love to see a couple acoustic tracks on their next album to mirror this release in between the crushing breakdowns.

Score: 6/10



Review by Martin Turner