Hometruths 'Open Your Eyes' EP Review

In a highly saturated and competitive Metalcore scene it’s hard for any up-and-coming bands to distinguish themselves from others. Manchester’s Hometruths have set out with a debut EP that packs a strong statement, frontman Gaz Davies explains:

"The purpose of the record is to educate and enlighten people to what is going on in the world. Far too often people choose to turn a blind eye to these issues but with such a direct, in your face message people will find it hard to remain ignorant. People need to wake up.”

The artwork accurately portrays the lyrical theme of observing a deconstructed surrounding through the first person. The EP opens with “Embers” a short intro that sets the tone for the lyrical content of the EP; it’s suspenseful build up captures the listeners attention whilst introducing the reoccurring feeling of apprehension in what to expect next. Hometruths have managed to maintain their momentum from track to track as the EP jumps through a series of downtuned, low end riffs coupled with dissonant chords and energetic rhythms.

Unfortunately the production and lack of contrast in dynamics of Open Your Eyes diminishes the overall energy and potential heavy hitting impact that Hometruths could have backed up their mission statement with. In order to avoid the risk of becoming another fish in the sea of mediocre metalcore EP’s Hometruths will need to show more promise when the time for EP #2 arrives.



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