Bleeker 'Erase You' Album Review

Bleeker’s debut album Erase You consists of eleven tracks, with their hit track ‘Highway’ receiving over a quarter of a million views on YouTube since its release last year. ‘Highway’ has a classic rock feel, with an upbeat tempo and mature vocals from lead singer Taylor Perkins. The catchy lyrics are clearly audible with great enunciation which makes following the storyline even more enjoyable.

‘Free’ is another track that has that perfect classic rock feel. The lyrics at the beginning of the song, are delivered in an ultra-cool fashion, alongside a simple guitar riff. The chorus picks up dramatically with a more aggressive and powerful style, reiterating the lyrics through the instruments and vocals.

The harmonies and backing vocals in ‘Get Out’ don’t appear to add much to the track and unfortunately remain present throughout the entire song, that being said, it’s still a track that will get you dancing even if it’s not a favourite.

The intro to ‘Erase You’ starts of slow, with stylistic similarity to songs from the 70’s. At about 25 seconds in, the song takes a dramatic turn, similarly to ‘Free’, with a more aggressive tone. The tempo drops back down again for the second verse, but unfortunately the transition between the verses and the chorus isn’t as smooth as it could be.

The composition of ‘I’m Not Laughing Now’ is truly beautiful. There’s no dramatic tempo changes, which sets this track apart from the others. ‘Still got love’ has a slightly different style from the other tracks on the album, with a funk undertone, visible through the vocal delivery. The harmonies and backing vocals work for this track, unlike in ‘Get Out’, where they appear misplaced.

‘Radio Radio’ has slight pop-punk feel, with the lyrics being delivered at a faster rate than the other tracks. The track doesn’t have much to offer though and honestly appears to be a filler for the album.

‘Where’s Your Money’ is a track with soul. It’s electric, with high vocals during the chorus and a repetitive but addictive guitar riff throughout. ‘Emergency’ sounds like it was written and performed by a completely different band. There doesn’t seem to be any likeness to the rest of the album, giving the appearance of yet another filler.

‘Close My Eyes’ starts off with clean vocals alongside a simplistic piano melody. The track picks up when drums are introduced for the chorus but drops back down for the verses. Simply put, it’s an epic love song with passionate lyrics and powerful emotions.

‘Every Time You Call’ is driven by electric guitar and drums, showcasing a variety of short but sweet guitar riffs. An unexpected instrumental takes over half way through the track featuring a mellow piano melody alongside a slight hint of percussion adding another element to the track.

The album has more hits than misses but unfortunately the tracks that don’t hit the mark leave a lasting impression.



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