EP Review: Acres 'In Sickness And In Health'

In Sickness and In Health is not only a representation of Acres musical prowess, but is an amalgamation of what good metal sounds like. It’s none of the ‘I’m down tuned a half step more than you so my testes are weightier’, it’s just raw, emotion and power. Honestly, it’s the perfect blend of heavy and light, screams and cleans. As Affiance were metals' best direction in the USA, before their untimely end, Acres are the UK’s best upcoming metal outfit by a country mile.

There’s not a whole lot to critique here, and it’s what you want to hear as a fan of metal. 'Overseer' is a monstrosity of thrilling riffs and frying vocals. Followed by 'Miles Apart' a track with the best heartfelt lyrics of any metal record this year. The guitar work is excellent throughout as a formidable partner of the amazing level of talent displayed throughout.

There's a consistent feeling throughout the EP that everything has been well thought out and executed intricately, making the EP a spectacle, rather than a one trick pony. In this sense unlike other bands in the genre, it is not just a collection of heavy breakdowns with a guy making angry noises into the microphone for thirty minutes. Every song has a huge amount of body.

Title track 'In Sickness and In Health' carries with it such beautiful lyricism and performances by all members. It stabs and pulls at your heart strings until you sing along in bliss, it's a track that in terms of pure size and ability; will compete with anything you'll hear this year. Acres are an incredibly strong, vibrant prodigy, and it's hard to think it's going to take any longer than a few years until the band are filling arenas, reaping the success they truly deserve.

Score: 9/10

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Review by Martin Turner