Album Review: Cause To Effect 'Circumstantial Creatures'

Through a mixture of pace, enthusiasm and at times all out surprise, Wolverhampton’s Cause To Effect have created a debut album in Circumstantial Creatures which is certain to be one of the most genuinely interesting first album’s you will have heard for some time.

The album begins with high octane heavy riffs that blast you right into what Cause To Effect are all about. Excellent instrumentation paired with beautifully performed vocals. ‘I can’t make you real’ is a triumph of the bands musical prowess. Beautiful vocals and lyricism pull and tear between light verses and heavy choruses.

‘Its Not Too Late’ is a track somewhere between System of a Down and Red Hot Chilli Peppers with the well-established heavy chorus more reminiscent of Queens of The Stone Age. Cause To Effect feel like a band far from the stereotype of half talented musicians that spreads across the genre and fir the record this band have guitar harmonies so metal bands out there take note.

‘Fall’ is a masterpiece and one the highlights from the album. It’s a gorgeous mix of epic ballad and heavy alternative anthem and it works so well. The percussion is so well thought out and complements the excellent riffs and chord progressions so well. Completing the puzzle are the two vocalists and here the performances and mixing is pop level good.

‘Don’t’ is a perfect example of the bands level of skill regarding instrumentation. The guitar riffs on the pre-chorus section are reminiscent of the flurry used by A Day To Remember and are more common in metal. But here they work so well and don’t feel like a mashed together idea. While ‘Sail’ is a beautiful System of a Down styled riff based interlude that follows so perfectly into slower paced track ‘Alone’, which is a perfect addition to the album placed centrally to break up the lighting crashing choruses.

Both ‘When Hell Freezes Over’ and ‘Marmalade’ get right back into the quirky style of the band, and here the bassist shines through with a great spacey to close out the latter, which is then played upon by the amazing main riff that takes centre stage on the bass in the following track, ‘Lifeline’. Which is yet another bassline slathered track that gives the band a real tone of consistency and edge.

Closing out the record is risky, yet eloquent fifteen-minute opus ‘The Dotted Line…’ beginning with heavy crunching riffs with the added touch of a voice over before the vocalist takes you beyond the headphones. Half way through the track the sing changes into what can only be described as an electronic remix and yeah you guessed it, somehow, it’s incredible and then there is silence. Not the good kind, the kind that has you begging for more and looking for a merch page.

Midlanders Cause To Effect have truly gone above and beyond with this album and is in summary and excellent piece of showmanship, craftsmanship and excellent production. There is nothing to suggest this record won’t be a big deal for this band. Score: 9/10 Facebook:/C2EffectUK Review by Martin Turner