Album Review: Can't Swim 'Fail You Again'

This band of New Jersey rockers will leave you breathless. ‘What’s Your Big Idea’ opens the album and plays off the bands style well and man is it hard to explain. The vocalists weird and rough tone straight away grabs you and thrusts you into hardcore, reminding you of the likes of Beartooth. However the instrumentation is more closely related to pop-punk bands such as Sum 41 before they breakdown in style.

‘We Won’t Sleep’ is a great example of the bands amazing talent and their ability to produce a pop-rock anthem that feels worth listening to. A difficult feat yes, but this band have achieved just that effortlessly. The vocals feel cleaner here and it showcases the versatility of the band, pair that with great riffs and lyricism and you have something special.

‘$50,000,0000’ is the kind of song you really don’t care about figuring out what the title is about, purely because yet again the band have pulled out every stop to produce a badass memorable track. The vocals here are incredibly impressive and well your heart up. Right until the breakdown you are chanting along.

Tracks ‘Friend’ and ‘Quitting’ are almost polar opposites of each other strategically placed once again to showcase the bands musical prowess. Where ‘Friend’ is heavy and punchy the latter is light and ballad like. They are they are perfect pre-central couple for the album and where one reminds you of A Day To Remember and Neck Deep the other will have you pulling similarities to The Wonder Years and Blink 182.

With nods to Relient K ‘Hey Amy’ is a track that tugs on strings of emotion. It begins ambient and moves into powerful verse and choruses and everything about this song is perfect. It ends in an amazing crescendo outro that hits with an exuberant amount of power.

While ‘Kid’ and ‘Show Me’ are nothing particularly new at this point but having hooked you enough, you take the bait and enjoy what’s offered. Piercing the cheek the band are more than satisfying at this point and I’m sure will have you scouring the internet for tour date and tickets.

‘Molly’s Desk’ sadly is the penultimate track and is a heart wrenching calamity of a track. Beautiful lyricism and vocal performance paired with excellent instrumentation. While ‘All The Moves We Make Are In The Dark’ ends the record with a bang with its blend of soothing vocals and percussion.

For a band that hasn’t been together all that long and this being their first album release the level of talent found on Fail You Again is astounding. Can’t Swim are a band that could be found at home playing with a huge range of bands, and we’re looking at a group of musicians here that will have something to offer for years to come. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/cantswim Twitter: @cantswim_