Deez Nuts w/ Comeback Kid, Hellions, First Blood & Get The Shot

It's nights like these that get me excited to go to gigs again. With a combination of some of the best hardcore bands of new and old, The YOU ARE PART OF THIS TOUR is headlined by COMEBACK KID and DEEZNUTS. And with supports as strong as FIRST BLOOD, HELLIONS and GET THE SHOT, it’s a perfect representation of classic hardcore from around the globe.

First up are GET THE SHOT, who lit up the place with an overwhelming sense of passion. They powered through their set with relentless energy as vocalist J-P threw himself around the venue and into the crowd. Pairing this with riffs that got heads bopping simultaneously, it’s clear that these guys take roots from the old school hardcore scene and put a fresh face on it. Definitely ones to watch out for in 2017!


Next up are Californian hardcore 5 piece FIRST BLOOD, displaying new material for the first time in 7 years. They kicked off with album opener “Fuck The Rules”, highlighting that these guys still have what it takes to be a top contender in a competitive scene. Showcasing an array of new material only strengthened their stage presence, with the two-steppers present throughout the set.


Fresh faced HELLIONS are up, playing material from their recent release “Opera Oblivia”. The release is seemingly a favourite in Birmingham, with some clear fans in the audience. To be honest, how can you not be a fan of vocalist Dre Faivre, as he bounces around the stage with a goofy grin on his face?

We also caught HELLIONS on their headline tour. Check out this great snap below


Now comes the time that everyone’s been looking forward to. The return of Canadian hardcore legends COMEBACK KID. With a career spanning over 17 years, with 5 albums under their belt, these guys sure have their fair share of experience. They play a flawless set, compiled of 15 songs, including classics such as “Wake The Dead”, “Do Me A Favour” and “All In a Year”, off their 2003 debut album “Turn It Around”, which kept the day one fans happy. Birmingham welcomed COMEBACK KID with open arms by maintaining a constant wave of bodies trying to join Vocalist Andrew Neufield onstage. It’s clear that a lot of tonight’s guests were here to see COMEBACK KID, and they certainly did not disappoint. Definitely a highlight for me, and with a new album in the works, I hope to see them on our shores again soon.


The second of tonight’s headliners are Aussie legends DEEZ NUTS, bringing to the stage their signature sounds; big riffs and vocalist JJ Peters distinctive sound. Opening with “Band Of Brothers” got the crowd fuelled up, proving they still had enough energy left. DEEZ NUTS had a set full of classic tracks such as “Face This On My Own”, “Whats Good” and “What I Gotta Do”, as well as playing some new material off the upcoming record “Binge and Purgatory” . DEEZ NUTS wrapped up the night with the absolute classic “Your Mother Should Have Swallowed You”, which had the crowd singing along to every word.



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