Album Review: Pulled Apart By Horses 'The Haze'

After a stint of shows supporting Twin Atlantic on their GLA tour last year, the lads from Leeds' Pulled Apart By Horses are ready to unleash their fourth studio record The Haze upon the world. Raw and uninhibited, Pulled Apart' have never been shy of writing bizarre songs about, well, just about anything, including songs with lyrical content centred around The Legend Of Zelda, the murder castle of Dr H.H. Holmes and punching a lion in the throat. Alongside an assortment of riffs that range from indie rock to full on grunge styles, PABH are a band unafraid to just do their own thing, and they are damn good at it too.

Opener and title track 'The Haze' feels instantly familiar to anyone who knows what this band is all about. This is music made to make you move, you do not stand still to Pulled Apart By Horses. Noticeably more upbeat than previous songs, this is a strong opener for the album and helps set the tone for the rest of the record brilliantly.

Debut single from the album, 'The Big What If'. Is simply an all out grunge rock gem, and one of the strongest songs in the entire PABH catalogue, let alone this album alone. New drummer Tommy Davidson really shows his stuff here, bringing a brilliant new sense of rhythm to the band to accompany vocalist and rhythm guitarist Tom Hudsons wonderfully eccentric lyrics and James Brown's Foo Fighters-esque guitar thrashings. This song is an essential listen to newcomers and fans alike.

Next up we have 'Hotel Motivation', a song that according to the band was born out of a "lack of sleep and a shared love of Iggy Pop". If sleep deprivation can cause a band to shit out a banger like this, fetch me a red bull and a guitar and I'll get back to you at 3am with my progress. This song is an ass shaking, dancey number, and while many of PABH's songs will have you diving straight in the mosh pit, this one wants to get you clicking your fingers and stamping your feet. While 'Prince Of Meats' and 'Neighbourhood' however sound like they accidentally got left out of the bands 2nd and 3rd albums album Tough Love and Blood respectively. These nods to the past are more than welcome here and see The Haze become an amalgamation of PABH's best work.

Standing out as one of the more overtly interesting tracks on the record; 'Lamping' has a somewhat lazy sunday morning feel to it, before picking up again with 'Flash Lads', which brings back a similar vibe to earlier song 'Hotel Motivation'. 'My Evil Twin' (definitely the most stand out of the final four tracks) and 'Dumb Fun' are both raw and riffy songs as to be expected by now from PABH, though they vary less in their styles compared to the rest of the album, they're all still thumping additions to the album.

The Haze manages to break new ground for the band whilst remaining familiar enough to be indistinguishably Pulled Apart By Horses, who remain one of the most exciting yet underrated bands in the UK circuit right now. Score: 9/10 Facebook:/pulledapartbyhorses Twitter: @pabh


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