Introducing... Scott Darlow

After making a considerably large impact on his homeland of Australia, Scott Darlow is in the midst of preparing his assault on the UK. With the rockers debut single 'Solid Rock' hitting over 30,000 views and follow up single 'Sorry' being the most played song on Australian radio for the month of February; Darlow has returned with 'Down Like Flies', a song set around the theme of indigenous Australian children in maximum security prisons. No stranger to confronting a serious topic, Darlow who is an aboriginal man himself said on the topic "Aboriginal children are currently 10 times more likely to go to prison than finish high school at the moment, and that’s just heartbreaking. So for us as Aboriginal people, we need to play our part in reconciliation, and that is, I think, getting our kids to school. Get them attending, and get them actively participating and really pushing to finish high school. Then, we will see Aboriginal kids become Aboriginal doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers and accountants, and that generation will then become the next lot of role models." Check out the new track from Scott Darlow 'Down Like Flies' below:


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