EP Review: Lonely The Brave 'Diamond Days'

It doesn’t seem that long ago since Lonely The Brave made their first true burst into the musical limelight, with the insatiably likeable ‘Backroads’ from the bands’ debut album The Day’s War. In essence the quintet have made good work of their 18 months or so since then. Releasing sophomore record Things Will Matter and boasting tours with the likes of Biffy Clyro. Attempting to keep their fingers on the pulse of relevancy; Diamond Days shows Lonely The Brave in familiar musical territory, the melancholy tones of vocalist David Jakes over jagged alt-rock guitar lines is a formula that has paved the way for the bands success up to this point, and it’s a formula they have stuck to here. Both ‘Collider’ and ‘Two Heads’ have a certain lick of energy and alternative pace about them which allows them to sit comfortably in Lonely The Brave’s aforementioned musical style while cover song ‘The Rat’ originally performed by American Indie band The Walkmen adds something welcomingly different to the EP with its blend between subtlety and anthemic power. As with previous attempts from the quintet, Jakes' incredibly distinguishable vocals are the key to the individuality of the EP. With the title track being a spine tingling, gloomy, grey affair that finds its markers with a true stamp of quality which allows Lonely The Brave the ability to transition between heart-string pullers and foot stampers whenever they see fit. Diamond Days isn’t going to break any new ground for Lonely The Brave, nor does it really seem like it’s supposed to. If the end game here was to keep established fans of the band interested until the next full length release comes along – this should be accomplished. Whether the bands’ creativity with their current musical style will eventually run dry remains to be seen. But for now – Lonely The Brave are still a band that could be on their way to making a big impact. Score: 6.5/10 Facebook:/LonelyTheBrave Twitter: @lonelythebrave Review by Kristian Pugh


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