Giving In To Ghosts: ‘Let The Earth Sleep’ - EP Review

Cardiff based post-hardcore outfit Giving In To Ghosts are a name that bring something of a sense of pride to the South Wales underground. Despite line-up changes and commitments elsewhere outside of music, GITG are one of the hardest working bands around. Delivering tunes far and above what can be expected from a scene that is apparently in trouble, their latest EP Let The Earth Sleep is exactly what the Welsh underground needs.

Underneath the surface, it’s bands like GITG that are gateways to the next generation of musicians wanting to make a difference to their local scene. LTES is by and large their most important record to date. Granted it’s only their second release, following up on 2014’s Chasing Waves EP, but the standard of writing from the powerhouse choruses of guitarist and vocalist Mikey Thomas, to chest bursting screams of James Hardiman are a testament to the sublime talent that is criminally overlooked here.

As a stand-alone piece, LTES is a perfect blend of relevant, heavy riffing that is gorgeously complimented by melodic lines that you could sniff off an IKEA coffee table. The ambition and drive on tracks such as 'Shallow Lungs', 'Across The Sea and head thumper 'Desolation Blues', showcase an understanding of contemporary hardcore that goes beyond the oversaturated hard/soft dynamic. There are elements stretching from Alexisonfire to Architects that grab hold of you by the ear holes, refusing to let go until it’s final breath on the closing track for which the EP was named after.

Arguably the most important hardcore release to come from the Welsh capitol’s underground in recent days – this is a must listen. Watch this space.

Score: 9/10

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