Calcedon 'Echo In' Album Review

Brielle Goheen or Calcedon as she is better know is an Electronic Art Pop musician who has really outdone herself on this release that landed in our inbox. It is music like this that pushes the boundaries and really creates something new to listen to.

Album opener 'Sparrow' is an exuberant, ambient single which feels full of life. Sporadic synths and simple guitar hooks underpin beautiful melodies and vocal lines. There are a lot of simplistic individual sounds that when combine create a stunning sound that has you rewinding just to be able to take it all in.

The softness in vocals on 'Bravest Of Voice' are standout whilst dreamy sounds send your head spinning in a good way. 'Cherry Trees' is a little ore edgy and steps away from the calm vibe that the first two tracks have created. There is a real tense vibe during this song that leaves you hanging on to every word uttered in beautiful angelic fashion. 'Ice In The Desert' adds a ghostly vibe to the mix with some haunting harmonies and echoey vocals that, at times, feel almost tribal. As the song builds it creates a real rush before calming back down to that chilling eeriness bought in at the start of the track.

Title track 'Echo In' continues where the previous track left off, that is until 1:30 in where it drops a subtle beat and the urgency proceeds. After this short burst of energy there is an odd blend of synths and off-beat drumming that musically feel like they shouldn't fit together... But they do.

Album closer 'Stay Awhile' is the first stripped back song on the album and there wouldn't have been a better time to introduce it. After the first 5 tracks you really feel like you have been through a journey and this lullaby feels like the perfect ending.

You can hear folk influences vocally in this electronic focused music and the blend works perfectly. Calcedon has created a real jaw-dropping album here with a really fresh musical taste. Even after multiple listens the album you will feel you are only just starting to uncover the true beauty of these songs.