EP Review: Coast To Coast 'The Length Of A Smile'

Birmingham bred band Coast to Coast made their mark in the UK over the past year, taking their local music scene by storm. With new EP The Length of a Smile, the British punk rockers start their 2017 off strong.

Drastically different to anything else coming out of the current pop punk scene, The Length Of A Smile has an instant drawing ability to it. Taking a completely different path from the crowd of bands imitating the exaggerated American vocal style; Coast to Coast hold a sound that is fresh and exciting, pushed by lead vocalist Keiran Hyland's thick Birmingham accent that doesn't shy away from the word unique.

Musically Coast to Coast seemed to have come on leaps and bounds from their debut EP Dwell, crafting a more fine tuned set of songs that clearly show the direction they are aiming towards. Taking a more atmospherical approach, the five piece stray more towards the moodier side of contemporary pop punk, sacrificing upbeat ridicules, for something deeper and heartfelt which gels nicely to say the least. Going from tracks like: EP opener 'Ajax' that starts as a soft remedy that soon builds into a chilling yet calming jam and later being stormed into lead single 'Post Graduation' that acts as the EP's hard hitting anthem - you really get to see just how versatile Coast to Coast have become.

Overall The Length of a Smile is an impressive EP that doesn't covey to the generic sound of pop punk. While not exactly anything groundbreaking, the EP is most certainly a strong milestone for the band and a very robust move in the right direction that will undoubtedly spark amazing opportunities. Score : 8/10 Review by Josh Bates Facebook:/thisisC2C Twitter: @ThisIsC2C