Elasea 'Lesson Learnt' EP Review

Elasea are a five piece alternative rock band from Berkshire. They released their debut EP 'Where I Belong' back in 2015 to much success and have now released their anticipated sophomore EP 'Lesson Learnt'. Below is our track-by-track review!

The guitar riff in the track ‘Breathe’ is truly captivating, to say the least. That being said, the radio edit is still a stand out track with plenty to offer.The instrumental arrangements in the track have the ability to transport the listener to an alternate universe, where only the music exists. Elasea have also released a radio edit of ‘Breathe’. The differences between the versions can be heard immediately with the radio edit lacking the beautifully composed guitar melody that takes centre stage in the original intro.

‘Time Stops’ holds a heavier sound but still incorporates a similar meaty guitar riff to ‘Breathe’. All of the elements to the track work harmoniously together, creating an ethereal, edgy sound. ‘On my Own’ steps it up another notch with a more aggressive tone. Unfortunately, the vocals are overpowered by the instrumentals and the balance that was present in ‘Time Stops’ no longer exists in this particular track. ‘These Secrets (Interlude)’ consists of 82 seconds of pure magic, enriched with a diverse variety of sounds. The track takes you on a journey from beginning to end and leaves you wanting more.

‘Walls’ by-passes any sort of introduction and starts abruptly with vocals, making the track appear incomplete and less polished than the others. Just like ‘On my Own’ the vocals are mostly unbalanced and slightly inaudible. This means they get overshadowed by the music. It’s really unfortunate as this particular track offers some really nice drum fills and guitar melodies, with a similar sound to that of Paramore.

Photo Credit: Benji Walker

The music throughout the EP is without fault, as said previously, the instruments work beautifully together. However, the major issue lies in it's production and vocals are, at times, not easily understood and because of this, it can be difficult to form any real attachment to the songs. That being said, if the issue was rectified, Elasea would be more of a force to be reckoned with.



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