EP Review: Crnkshft 'S/T'

Crnksft are an interesting new metal band to the scene blending elements of Thrash and Grunge. Opening track ‘Systematic’ has a punchy tone paired with Alterbridge-like vocals. The opening riff will engulf you and they cleverly create a familiarity through melody and lyrics. Ultimately you will feel like the band are not new to you and in fact have been on your library for a while.

‘Tears Me Apart’ has all the elements of a great metal track that puts Crnkshft in a position to show that they are more than worthy of being mentioned in the same breath of bands that sit atop their genre. The lyricism is emotive, the guitar solo makes sense, the drums are well put together, everything pulls together well into a perfect little package.

An even better solo has to be in the later third of ‘Old Habits’ third track on the EP, while not overtly different to what has been offered at this point, the track still packs one hell of a punch. The lyrics are never soulless though and it holds your interest at least. Lastly Crnkshft bolt out with ‘Breaking The Silence’ here instead of hard punchy metal from start to finish we see a more stripped verse structure that works very well. Here the screams are more than plenty and are a welcome addition. Previously they are dotted about but here they are more utilised and man can the vocalist scream.

Overall Crnkshft show us some classic metal elements in a new package. It’s interesting and damn good. Score: 7/10 Review by Martin Turner Facebook:/crnkshft Twitter: @crnkshftband


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