Cut Up: 'Wherever They May Rot' - Album Review

The latest album by Cut Up is a solid piece of Death Metal. These Swedish Metallers have been on the scene from 2014 and made a name for themselves with the first album Forensic Nightmares. Their follow up to this album, Wherever They May Rot, has just been released looking to carve more ground into the flesh of the Death Metal scene.

It opens up powerfully enough; ‘From Ear to Ear’ is straight up Death Metal and is quick to get everything moving. ‘Necrophagic Madness’ takes over and is another smashing rendition of Death Metal. ‘Behead the Dead’ is the first track to really make a mark however, the kind of mark you’re going to feel for a while. The title track is yet another strength for their powerful output in this album, giving a bit more of an atmosphere as it builds up. ‘Vermin Funeral’ has a bit more groove to it and actually has moments of Amon Amarth to the rhythm.

From here the album takes a step down. ‘By Hatred Bound’ is certainly brutal but just doesn’t seem to recapture the magic of the last three tracks. We pick up some speed and energy for ‘Psychosurgery’, whilst ‘In the Aftermath’ has a lot more going in the song to make it a worthwhile slow burner for your ears. ‘Master Dissector’ and ‘Crainium Crusher’ are good for brutal background songs and we then go out with ‘Raped by a Blade’, which is the most atmospheric track of the album – a rare example of slow Death Metal with a lot more melody. Wherever They May Rot is a good album and sits very well within the brutal accomplishments of Death Metal. Sometimes they recount moments of both Vader and Morbid Angel and they can certainly keep avid Death Metal fans interested. However, for most the songs just are with each other and there’s only a few tracks that will get you. Though ‘Raped by a Blade’, ‘In the Aftermath’ and songs like ‘Behead the Dead’, ‘Vermin Funeral’ and the title track are good for these moments. Perhaps an album that’ll simply grow with time.


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