EP Review: Deference 'False Awakening'

Southampton’s Deference possess a blend of tenacity, power, and poise that is almost certain to make them a hit with an audience that likes a tinge of pounding anthem with their metal. With new EP False Awakening, the quintet land on a musical style that sits somewhere between Emmure and Caliban, and for the most part; it’s a joy to behold. False Awakening transitions between what can be eye gauging aggression and all out empathy. ‘Scavengers’ is two and a half minutes of straight up brutality. No punches pulled, no bullets left in the cylinder, while the title track follows along the same lines with the addition of more tech metal esque pace and a smooth clean chorus from guitarist/vocalist Matt Dennison. The effortless ability for Dennison and lead vocalist Rob Lea to bounce off each other is a strong component of what makes False Awakening an EP with such a large sense of resonance. The hardcore, pain soaked screams of Lea mixed with the echoing bellows of Dennison result in moments of push, pull and almost cinematically produced choruses. Best song on the EP ‘Departure’ tells you everything you need to know about a young band with an audacious amount of talent. Clean, soft guitar lines eventually build to a chorus which has such a level of passion and reckless abandon surrounding it – it’s borderline impossible to not feel some kind of emotive connection to the cries of angst. This is fever pitch hardcore metal. There’s a lot that can be said about False Awakening in terms of a strictly musical sense. But what stands out most from the EP is a sense that this is a band just at the beginning of what they can potentially accomplish. While still raw, Deference have smashed themselves out the gates here with an EP that does absolutely everything it can to get you invested in them, and you should be. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/WeAreDeference Twitter: @DeferenceMusic Review by Kristian Pugh Twitter: @KrisPugh_x