EP Review: Tom Lumley 'Dream City'

Tom Lumley is a powerhouse to be reckoned with and this release is a testament to what one incredibly talented human being can do. ‘Dream City’ is the opener and what a title track it is. Pairing what is great about alternative bands, heavy raw emotion, great basslines and riffs with meaningful lyricism. What sets it apart from the crowd is the chilling, huge and incredible vocal talent which could easily rival the top forty.

‘Running From Our Lives’ is a gorgeous mix of a half acoustic track that could be on an Ed Sheeran album but with the upbeat feel of a drum and bass anthem. It’s strange to see on a mostly alternative record but it works so well and showcases Tom Lumley’s diverse talent and wide range of influence. A solo nearing the end brings the rock elements while the vocals play on pop or folk trends, its well thought through and beautiful to behold.

‘Tonight’ is very reminiscent of The Kooks or The Feeling. Lumley really plays on the familiarity of that new wave of indie rock that happened now ten years ago, but unlike those bands offers something new and often better written.

Penultimate track ‘Done My Time’ is a showcase of Tom Lumley’s ability to fit an alternative record into a pop outfit. It works so well and hints at elements from pop tracks like Fast Car. Again, making it familiar which really binds the track together and allows the heavier elements like riffs and solos a lot more accessible to a wider audience.

Lastly ‘Open Your Eyes’ brings a funky and heavier note to the EP. Again, the vocals are what helps it to work, being fun and emotive and excellently performed.

Tom Lumley is all but set to be a name that will fill households in the coming years. Dream City is not only a great effort to create something special but is a deserving set of five tracks that will hopefully propel Tom Lumley’s career. Score: 7/10 Facebook:/TomLumleyMusic Twitter: @TomLumleyMusic Review by Martin Turner


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