EP Review: Brightlight City 'Our Future's Not Dead'

An anthemic entry to alternative rock, Brightlight City will have you on your toes with this record. Opening track ‘It Depends On You’ is an emotive and rich rock ballad. The riffs pierce the mix and vocal walls carry you on the journey. It’s a song that leaves little to be critiqued.

‘Leave The Light On’ is much more mellow and paired with the very British vocals almost marries it to the sound of The Clash. It works well and although the instrumentation is light and held back the vocals still manage to make the track upbeat. It almost shy’s on being major but is obviously minor in tone by the time the heavy choruses begin.

‘Heart Stops’ verges on being a pop-punk track, its very Bowling For Soup-esque, perhaps for the lyricism. However it is a track that strikes as somewhat of a hit or miss, feeling like a scratch track for something that is going to be improved and re-recorded. While the production here can't be knocked, there's a sense that this track could have been elevated in some way. But apart from tiny gripes it’s a great edition to the EP and is unexpected given the first two tracks.

‘Past/Future’ is a perfect amalgamation of everything that is good about this band. Great performance and instrumentation meets anthem-like vocals. The riffs here are second to none and work so well together. From start to finish the song is well thought out and executed and its hats off to Brightlight City for that.

Our Future’s Not Dead is an intriguing release for any alternative or pop-punk fans and is far from disappointing. It has some excellent elements and memorable moments. Score: 6.5/10 Facebook:/brightlightcityofficial Twitter: @blcband Review by Martin Turner


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