Album Review: This Gun For Hire - Something A Little More Sinister

Vancouver 5 piece, This Gun For Hire, are attempting to carve a dent for themselves in the metalcore scene with debut album, Something a little More Sinister. It's left to speculation whether this is will only be an attempt, as they fall into the masses of underground bands desperately attempting to forge a career in the ever crushing music industry.

Opening track, ‘Infection’, the first sight into what the other 11 tracks will offer, begins with a clean cut riff, before a pit-inducing scream from vocalist, Shelby Tanaka, kicking the record off to an energetic, positive start. However, it doesn’t last, from here on, the whole record has potential, there’s no doubt , but it feels like it never got past the demo stage. Clean vocals are considerably weaker than the unclean, and it becomes difficult to stay attentive for a start to finish listen of the record.

Tracks like ‘Empty Eyes’, highlight the potential, and capability from the instrumentalists, showing signs of a band that could hold a crowd live, and capture the attention of metalcore fans, there’s just a feel that comes from every other hopeful metalcore band vying to get signed by a label, and nothing that separates them from the rest, and pushes them to that next level.

Title track, ‘Something a Little More Sinister’, showcases the band’s talent, with some hefty vocals, catchy riffs, and quality solos. A perfect example of the potential this band have, if a few final touches are added to take it to that next level. Score: 6/10 Facebook:/thisgunforhire Review by Jay Kirk


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