Album Review: Blood Youth 'Beyond Repair'

You’d be hard pressed to find many bands whose flame has caught fire and spread as rapidly in the past two years as Blood Youth. Storming out of the gates with debut EP Inside My Head back in 2015, the Harrogate outfit quickly found themselves on tour with the likes of While She Sleeps, Architects, and Beartooth. Putting themselves in a position of holding a power play quicker than anyone (including themselves) could have imagined. With Beyond Repair; Blood Youth have finally put their names to a full-length release, managing to translate the raw, tenacious sounds that can be found the trio’s EP’s into a 10-track record is the biggest task the band have been set to date – and it’s one they pass with consummate ease. Neither a technical marvel or overly produced spectacle, Blood Youth use what bought them to the dance throughout Beyond Repair. The melodic choruses of tracks like ‘Making Waves’ and ‘Reason To Stay’ add a firm backbone to the pulsing aggressive tones preceding them from vocalist Kaya Tarsus, giving the trio a sound most akin to Beartooth – jumping between aggression and subtlety instantaneously.

While rhythmically, Beyond Repair very much sticks to a blueprint; it’s this element which shows off the true ability that lies within the band. From the outside looking in, the idea of 10 songs pretty much following the same format gives a fear of bland repetition. On the contrary, the record includes a collection of nuances and changes in direction that keeps a consistent freshness to every track. ‘What I’m Running From’ and ‘Buying Time’ are both pieced together similarly, but through Tarsus’ ability to sound more than comfortable at a range of tones, and guitarist Chris Pritchard throwing in a mixture of clean guitar lines – the two tracks differ while both coming across with incredible strength. The tinge of nu metal flowing throughout the record adds an extra layer of heavy to an album that drips intensity. Felt most notably on three minute rager ‘Parasite’ and more concentrated effort ‘Pulling Teeth’ is a real sense of straight up, fist in the air metal. Yet another indication that Blood Youth can be beautifully heavy, or ravenously melodic – both with equal success. At its absolute core – Beyond Repair is the culmination of three musicians successfully making the jump into being able to write a punching, consistent album. Beneath this is the achievement of taking on a musical style that many bands follow, yet are still able to add those little tweaks that make it unique to them. It’s a record that still leaves room for improvement, but is an excellent starting point for one of UK metal’s hot prospects. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/BloodYouth Twitter: @bloodyouthUK Review by Kristian Pugh