Warbringer: Woe to the Vanquished - Album Review

We’re not holding much back here, we’re throwing it straight in. Warbringer show a sense of maturity to a defined precise violence with their fourth album. We start Woe to the Vanquished with an energetic headbanger – ‘Silhouettes’. Best foot forward, this is a track that is relentless and varied as good Thrash often is. They certainly don’t stop and just push this advanced beginning with their title track. Though the groove from ‘Remain Violent’ certainly hits home and overtakes from its predecessor. It’s a good point to mention the snarly darkness of the vocals. The precise and rhythmic guitars 'n' drums is certainly a powerhouse; but the vocals aren’t afraid to add a cherry every once in a while.

‘Shellfire’ has moments of Slayer but ultimately has hurried feel to it. ‘Descending Blade’ takes this to a place more melodic and rhythmically slow. But it builds, oh how it builds. A lot of albums of this variety can push an aggressive consistent output that loses its edge by the end of the album as it feels too consistent. So for Warbringer to start bringing in some more atmospheric pieces with ‘Spectral Asylum’ after the variations within ‘Descending Blade’ and all to push to something a lot more melodic in ‘Divinity of Flesh’, we really see a band willing to experiment and tear it all apart to be a varied and accomplished piece.

We close with an epic piece that starts with atmospheric silence and distant guns, here we have ‘When the Guns Fell Silent’. This song really throws everything the band has to offer in for a final apocalypse. We see the groove, we see the atmosphere, we see melodies and the energetic power of a strong Thrash Metal band. Warbringer give us a strong Thrash Album, they show their power and they show their variety to make an album a pleasure to listen to all the way through and definitely stay for the final showstopper.


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