Gojira w/ Code Orange + Car Bomb at the O2 Academy, Bristol

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and Gojira. No band in recent times have asserted themselves so deeply into the metal consciousness as this French outfit. At this point in time arguing has become irrelevant, they are the most important entity in contemporary metal.

Fresh off their tour with Volbeat and Alter Bridge, the scale of this tour is considerably smaller to the arena circuit. Does this detract any of their potency? Well, put it this way; like cramming C-4 into a can, it’s going to do a little bit more than give you tinnitus.

Wading through a sea of anticipation and exhilaration, the fuse was lit by tech-bulldozers Car Bomb [8]. Deriving from the Odyssian school of pin point accurate school of riff-craft, Car Bomb deliver a monumental storm. Non-stop pulverising tunes from a very Meta heavy set got things off to a flying start to tonight’s events. Having been produced by headliner front man Joe Duplantier, the Long Islanders brought down ten tons of heavy upon Bristol with barely any time to breathe. Though their Meshuggah influences are worn on their sleeve somewhat, that’s never a bad thing. Sharp as a Stanley, these are heavy weight contenders that should be on the radar of anyone who thinks head banging is a good idea.

Website - www.carbombcult.com

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If there was any band to take notice of in 2017 it’s Code Orange [9]. The Ying to Car Bomb’s Yang, the calculative chaos is undeniable. Hardcore has taken another step forward as the band’s critically acclaimed album Forever has smashed all expectations of artistic integrity, detailing anger from every degree. With their cougar backdrop and dominant omnipresence on stage, all eyes are fixated on what the hell is happening to the inside of their bowls. With bassist Joe Goldman constant patrol of the stage demanding the next circle pit, it becomes undeniable that they are the ones in control and this is their night. Code Orange have asserted themselves as pioneers, challenging their audience with every breakdown, riff and hit. They are simply unmissable.

Website - www.codeorangetoth.com

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Trying to comprehend the evening thus far is not an easy task. This is the forefront of heavy music laid out in front of all those who’ve the privilege to witness. However, the plunge into the night had only begun. The lights dim, a roar of biblical proportions washes over the crowd as the might of Gojira [10] hit us smack-dab in the face with 'Only Pain'. Setting the pace, the French quartet are firing on all cylinders sonically and visually. Immersing into the world of Gojira is something that needs to be felt and experienced to be believed.

Charging straight into face-smashing 'The Heaviest Matter In The Universe', Bristol is alight with a strobe attack that acts more like a vision of impending doom than your average sparkle-dandy light show. So much can be said, but no words can describe this phenomenon. Gojira have become a well-oiled machine without losing their humanity. Though the drum pedal of skin smasher Mario Duplantier took one too many beatings and decided to retire without notice, the drummer goes on to solo at hypersonic speeds to make up for the latter.

​Named after their titanic 2016 release Magma, this tour has predominantly centred around the album of the same name. Though their arena tour the previous winter helped expose the album, it’s tonight that we realise Magma’s true potential. As a live force that can stand head and shoulders with the gods of our world, lungs are clenched dry with the screams of “I can see the whales” as 'Flying Whales' leads into the undeniable epic, 'The Cell' - simply a flawless combination.

There are no words to convey what Gojira have brought to the latter half of the 2010’s, as they strive forward as a band, pushing metal forward to places never thought to even exist. Tonight, Bristol witnessed history. If you have any sense of duty as a fan of metal music, get on this band!!!

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