Decade w/ Big Spring + Wallflower at Nottingham's Rock City Basement

On the 10th of March I made my way down to Nottingham Rock City Basement to catch some of the UK's finest up and coming underground talents for a night of alternative music, headlined by Britain's very own Decade, who bought Big Spring and Wallflower along for the ride. Only a few weeks after the longly awaited release of their second studio album Pleasantries, Decade had plenty of new material up their sleeves to share with us that we were all excited to witness.

First to take to the tight Nottingham stage on this Monday night were Wallflower, a five piece band born and bred in South London. Taking the attention of everyone in the thinly populated room, our presence felt intruding to Wallflower's emotion filled songs which propelled sensitivity, creating an atmosphere tense yet hard not to be drawn to. Shredding through their half an hour long set Wallflower gave justice to a handful of their most popular tracks like: 'Mas Eu Quero Mais' and 'Inside Out' which they played note perfect, really unveiling their raw, psychedelic sound. Parts of the London rockers set reminded me somewhat like Nirvana through much of their instrumentals with distorted guitar elements, alongside easy flowing vocals that occasionally lead into rough, aggressive growls.

Next up to face the Rock City Basement were Big Spring. The four piece rockers held a very similar manner to that of previous band in terms of their psychedelic attributes, resembling the slightly heavier material that came out of Nirvana, fused with hints of Muse. Playing half an hours worth of material, Big Spring showed off their chugging rock anthems that got everyone's head banging to the explosive baselines that led their tracks forward. Accompanied by easy going vocals that effortlessly hit notes satisfying to the ear, Big Spring delivered with their more than original mixture of rock inspirations, bringing a sound quite refreshing into play.

It was finally time for Decade to take to the stage and unleash a whole heap of new songs for our listening pleasure. Opening with new track 'Peach Milk' saw the band take a very climatic start to the beginning of their set, using the songs slow and moody build up to create a thrilling tension until it reached it heavy drop that sent heads bouncing. Instantly followed by 'Turn Off Your TV' and 'Human Being' saw an out lash of energy from the band as they seemed genially pleased to be playing songs from their new album that their hearts clearly lie in. The small yet intimate crowd chanted every word to Decade's new hits and the fun wasn't to stop there.

After a spree of some of their most popular new tracks, Decade took us back in time to reminisce some of their older material, that safe to say is still golden. Hitting us with fan favourites: 'British Weather', 'Callous' and 'Brainfreeze' (alongside many more) really got the crowd bobbing, not letting the energy drop for a second. Knowing that they hadn't forgot about the tracks many people love and got them to where they are today unlike many bands out there was brilliant to witness, which was highly appreciated by myself and the crowd.

Covering more than our fair share of oldies, Decade took no time in jumping back in with some new bangers. Hearing the likes of the popular 'Brand New' and 'Wasted' certainly showcased Decade's new musical direction with their 90's sounding elements that bought goosebumps to the room. In many of their new tracks lead singer Alex Sears was accompanied by a nifty tambourine which really bought their songs to life in a live atmosphere - that screamed Oasis inspirations. With everyone across the room loving every aspect of their loud and explosive set, it was time for Decade to bring their set to a close, and what better way to do so than with the first single to their new album 'Daisy May'. Letting loose of every ounce of energy the Bath five piece had left they powered through a song that came as no stranger to anyone. Driven by its powerful riffs and strong vocals, Decade seemed to determined to go out in style and they did just that. A fantastic night for new music and a job well done.