Dude Trips: Sad Lads EP Review

Get your singing lungs out because the anthems have arrived in full force in the form of Scottish Alternative band Dude Trips. The four piece deals in post-emo esque melodies with raw vocals and it works well! They have just released their debut EP Sad Lads and it is a little bit good.

'Cheers' opens the EP with a familiar feel. The Scottish accent definitely helps to pull the music apart from this over-saturated genre. The guitar melodies are fantastic and define the mood from the outset. 'Still Think About You' lets loose a little bit more letting the raw vocals shine through. It is probably a good time to mention how good this EP sounds in terms of quality and how baffling it is that it is a debut. If this is the calibre of music that fresh bands are coming out with then music has really taken a turn for the better!

Single 'Glory Days' is one we covered at Noizze at while back and it is nice to hear it amongst these other songs. It blends in with the general sound and feel of the EP but definitely stands out in its catchy chorus (Good choice on single boys)! Check out the video for 'Glory Days' below:

'Stay Up Late' has a bit more of an old-school pop-punk feel about it and really demonstrates the flexibility within the band to move between the melancholy melodies and more anthemic and riffy tunes. Finally 'Tampa Bay' is a nice end to the EP. Taking it a little slower, without the inclusion of raring guitars, it really brings out the raspy vocal tone in its prime. It is nice to end the EP on a heart-wrencher! For a debut EP Dude Trips have pounded out five incredibly diverse songs that stick within the theme and feel yet push the boundaries on their sound. On top of that, the dudes have managed to really find themselves at this early stage and coin their own take on the genre. If you are a fan of Moose Blood, Blink 182, Neck Deep or anything in between then you really want to check out Dude Trips! We love the Sad Lads! 8/10


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