The Roadstars Tour: Bad Touch & Broken Witt Rebels at The Globe, Cardiff

Bad Touch and Broken Witt Rebels are two bands making a real name for themselves so it was no surprise to see both names lands on the Roadstars Tour together! A decent turn out graces The Globe in Cardiff, a venue far from home for both bands which makes it all the more impressive.

Broken Witt Rebels open the night with 'Low' which is sleazy in all the right ways. Powerhouse riffs and breathtaking vocals make sure that anyone who wasn't awake before they began are now fully on board. 'Howlin' follows and does exactly what it says on the tin! New track 'Snake Eyes' is a welcomed and very promising listen. With the band announcing details of more music very soon we can only hope that this sounds as good live as it does in the studio.

Venturing off stage down towards the crowd only to be pounced upon by some crazy drunk chic quickly sent frontman Danny Core back on stage but it didn't stop him from pouring his heart out. Despite the annoying girls attempts to be heard she was easily overshadowed by the insane live show happening only a metre beyond her... step aside darling, this is the Broken Witt Rebels show.

'Bottom Of The Hill' is an absolute roarer, one for all the hard rockers and headbangers. Screaming lead guitars accompany the final chorus before the band kick into new song 'Caroline' (I believe it was Caroline)... The song is another promising offering to be excited for.

'Getaway Man' steals the show with its incredibly passionate chorus. It is the pedestal that Core needs to show off his out-of-this-world vocal talent with a minimal amount of instruments masking it. 'Georgia Pine' and 'Guns' also go down very well live. 'Guns' with its slightly more pop-sounding chorus is the highlight of the night and has every member of the crowd singing every word back. Final song 'Shake Me Down' is a long-standing crowd favourite that best sums up Broken Witt Rebels and their sound. An incredible finish.

It is hard to put in to words how ridiculously talented these dudes are. This was an absolutely flawless

performance from start to finish. Not a note was out of place and the band play like a uniformed and trained SAS squad. Only advice that can be given? Get to a show and find your new favourite band.


Bad Touch bring a little more of that country rock goodness. The band are turned up to 11 from the outset. This is as balls-to-the-wall as it gets in music. Imagine Airbourne playing an intimate show in a shed and you are on the right track.

With an incredibly impressive head of hair frontman Stevie Westwood welcomes Cardiff with open arms to the show before powering on. As a whole the band smash their set from start to finish taking little breathe for air between songs. 'Heartbreaker Soulshaker' has some pitchy backing vocals in the first chorus but powers through. Every band is allowed a one song warm-up right?

A small hitch in sound as the drummer can't hear his vocals (maybe he has broken his ears as the volume is so loud) but after 30 seconds the band are back into the next hard rocker. The odd piercing squeak of feedback here and there throughout the first 5 songs takes away from the overall performance slightly but only very briefly. The annoyance of the squeaks are quickly overlooked when the band come into their element.

Cracking out a tambourine for 'Wise Water' the band really come into their own from here on out. Moving from belter to belter they move from strength to strength. Introducing the band members one at a time as they kick into 'Sweet Little Secret' is a great touch. It really adds to the feel Bad Touch portray.

Westwood is also a great frontman engaging with the crowd continuously and keeping the party rolling! He is also very light-hearted prodding at drummer George Drewry and making fun of his little vocal mic meltdown earlier on in the show.

Lead guitarist Harry Slater doesn't exactly look like a hard country rocker but dayyyyyum can that dude shred. Solo after solo he takes in his stride making the stage his showground. Overall the band as a whole ooze character and passion through their music and as they round off the night it truly feels like a show worth seeing.


Ears shattered? Yes. Music fill fulfilled? Yes. Bad Touch & Broken Witt Rebels two forces to be reckoned with? Yes. Yes. Yes. Incredible show, incredible bands. Get on either or both of these before you are paying more money to see them in bigger venues...