Varg: 'Götterdämmerung' - EP Review

Varg are a band that everyone seems to want you to take note of. Perhaps they’re just under-appreciated or perhaps they’re just under the hype. Looking like a darker and more aggressive Turisas but certainly far from them musically, they’re ready with their latest EP – Götterdämmerung!

‘Götterdämmerung’ certainly makes an argument for Varg as under-appreciated. It’s energetic and brutal, his vocals marking one of the ways that Varg are trying to tear into you. This song then develops into an atmosphere and also a melody to show that they have staying power. It’s not to be underestimated. ‘Hel’ certainly keeps the melody flowing and keeps an energy amidst the violence.

‘Beißreflex’ feels very classic, but show a surprising power to this band. They can be groovy and one of the best headbangers and they’ll insist upon it. For a band so strong on brutality it’s surprising when songs like this smash into your ears. ‘Knochenpfad’ is the kind of song that reminds you, yes they were the band that used Charlie Chaplin’s speech from The Great Dictator on one of their albums. The atmosphere when it isn’t being violent is soft, dark and epic. This is exactly the song for them to end out to.

So are they under-appreciated or under the hype? Well only time will tell. Their music can be missed at times, which can also be so strange. If this EP is anything to go by they are under-appreciated.


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