Sonata Arctica w/ Striker & Triosphere at the Tramshed, Cardiff

On a drizzly, miserable Sunday evening, Stevie and I headed to the Tramshed in the heart of Cardiff. As we entered the crowd, the audience seemed low in numbers. But, that did not dampen my expectations. I headed to the front of the crowd to watch the first support act Triosphere.

Triosphere are a Norwegian heavy metal band from Trondheim. I had never listened to them before, but they were a great opening act. Guitarist Marius Bergesen owned the stage, making himself stand out when performing his intricate solos. The whole band took charge of the stage when performing, and it was clear to see they wanted to be there. The crowd reception was fairly good. The band interacted with the crowd several times, and the crowd seemed to enjoy their performance. Singer Ida Haukland owned the band with her mesmerising, distinctive vocals. They played a lot of their new album, and it seemed to be quite melodic yet had heavy elements.


The next band was a Canadian band called Striker. They peaked my interest as soon as they put their banner with their logo on the stage. I was not disappointed. In my opinion they were the best band of the night. They flew onto the stage with so much energy, all five members jumped about with a lot of enthusiasm. The two guitarists shredded the stage to pieces, i

t seemed like they had a father-son relationship which was adorable to witness. It was clear they loved being up on stage, and that they all had a great relationship which each other. They got the crowd involved with nearly every song, and they loved it. Their selection of songs was fitting to the audience, but they pushed the boundaries of what I and others expected.


Finally, it was time for Finnish legends Sonata Arctica. They began by building up an immense amount of anticipation. The crowd were going wild. They exploded onto the stage and singer Tony Kakko owned it from the first moment he sang a note. He continuously interacted with the crowd, and they all sang along to their songs. The band didn’t seem to interact with each other too much, and the other members didn’t look as happy as Kakko to be there. Guitarist Elias Viljanen seemed lost, until he shredded out some impressive solos. The crowd seemed up and down with their song choice. Some songs they were all singing along, and some songs they all seemed bored. Keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg was hard to hear throughout the set. It could have been where I was stood, but none the less I would have liked to hear him more. During the set Kakko sat down on stage and got very personal with the crowd. It was refreshing to see his connection with the audience, as some artists don’t care. I personally didn’t really enjoy their performance as I found it dull and boring. Their style is not my cup of tea. Regardless, they put on a good performance.



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