Introducing... The Twistettes

World meet The Twistettes, a two-piece band from Scotland making as much noise as an angsty metal band ever could. They utilise the drums and a distorted bass to amp up the volume. Self-described as a DIY, punk, riot grrrl, real-deal indie with a touch of psychoblilly duo both Jo and Nicky Darc have been hard at work getting involved with like-minded individuals and playing gigs wherever possible.

The Twistettes have impressively supported the likes of Alabama 3, Frightened Rabbit, Radical Dance Faction and The Coathangers.

Fancy hearing the band? Check out the video to 'Lampost Light' below:

The Twistettes have a load of gig dates coming up so get down to a show below:

28th April - Upstairs @ O'Neils, Aberdeen

29th April - Banshee's Labyrinth, Edinburgh

30th April - The Green Door Store, Brighton

5th May - McChuills, Glasgow

27th May - Knockengorroch Festival, Dumfries

24th June - 'Twistettes Twisted Tea Party' La Belle Angele, Edinburgh

2nd September - Loud Women Fest, DIY Space for London, London

More Dates TBC