Chaos Trigger: 'Degenerate Matter' - Album Review

There are some albums that truly challenge you, pushing your mental boundaries to their limits in order to understand what you’re dealing with. South Wales’ Chaos Trigger have done just that with a manipulated, coiled and distorted sound that will have Arnie’s T-800 shitting it’s robo pants.

Released in March earlier this year, the warhead known as Chaos Trigger have rampaged across The Valleys of their homeland, as well as the better part of the UK for the good part of a decade. Considering their championing success at Bloodstock 2015 after winning the ‘Metal 2 The Masses’ battle of the bands, you could say they have made somewhat of an impression in recent years.

Despite praise from Metal Hammer and Terrorizer magazines, there had always been one thing missing - fans have been eagerly waiting for one thing - a follow-up to 2013’s Outpost 31. Enter Degenerate Matter, an album that has been on the tip of Chaos Trigger’s tongue for the best part of four years. Though they have given us snippets in the past in the form of 'Gluttonizer' and 'Rust', no band needed a solid body of work more. So, have the five-piece delivered a sophomore record that met fan expectations? We’re happy to say they’ve succeeded, crushing our skulls into dust, and we couldn’t be happier.

From the start, Degenerate Matter is everything we imagined it would be, brimming with thick, mechanical grooves that still hold on to their organic roots. Old favourites like the aforementioned 'Rust' and 'Gluttonizer' make their appearances, which you’d anticipate as being a lazy move, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. These songs have finally found their home amongst such lung-draining tracks like 'Release The Hounds' and the unqualified 'Fucking Machines', which should really be brought to the UN’s attention as a weapon of sonic destruction.

The attack of riffs brought to your bleeding ears courtesy of guitarists Mark Llewellyn and Paul Cremin take centre stage, but are only one piece of this jigsaw. With every listen a new light shines on a section of the overall concept this apocalyptic album is trying to tell us. Themes such as the dangers of technology, the corruption of the higher social elite and the focus of overall doom is omnipresent throughout. Getting to grips with this album will take time, which is all you can really ask for from any contemporary metal bands these days.

Listen after ear-blistering listen, we’re still being challenged by what Chaos Trigger have brought to the table. Considerably more digestible than say Meshuggah, they still manage to hit in the same ball park as their Swedish tech-metal counter-parts. Add a touch of Fear Factory’s 1995 magnanimous Demanufacture, which is never a bad thing, and you have an idea of what you’re dealing with. Make no mistake, this is a strong follow-up which will open many creative doors for the band. Their instincts have led them this far, the question is, how far are they willing to go down that rabbit hole? For our money, much deeper. All eyes on Chaos Trigger, 2017 has gotten that much more exciting.

Degenerate Matter is out now


Score: 8/10

Tracks to listen to: Fucking Machines, Rust, Snakes In Suits


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