2Far2Jump 'First Attempts At Everything' EP Review

Guildford pop-punkers 2far2jump are set to release their debut EP First Attempts At Everything on May 5th. Having released three successful singles and performed numerous gigs across the UK the band have gained a strong fanbase in the underground scene.

Deriving influence from the likes of All Time Low, Paramore and As It Is the bands roots are recognised immediately upon hearing opening track ‘Set Your Goals’. While their influences are sonically noticeable, 2far2jump still manage to retain a unique sound. With ‘Set Your Goals’ and ‘Think for the New Days’ the band deliver an offering of contagious pop-rock, doused with catchy choruses, making the tracks a perfect addition to any summertime playlist.

‘Deepdene’ sees the band indulge in their pop-punk influences, with a driving instrumental that’s reminiscent of early New Found Glory and Good Charlotte. It only goes on to prove that 2far2jump have crafted a record that’s perfectly fit for summer.

A mellower side to the EP is introduced with ‘Static’ and ‘A Winner in a Loser’s Eyes’, the latter flourishing with ambient guitar lines. A shift in dynamics for the final chorus would have been a welcome addition, however, with a song that makes you feel like you’re gliding along with it, the retained pace makes clear sense. ‘A Winner in a Loser’s Eyes’ follows suit with a smooth vocal melody and a simple drumbeat carrying through the verses and choruses before a strong build-up hits and a distorted instrumental closes out the record.

‘A Place to Run’ begins with an attitude similar to ‘Static’, although the instrumental is altogether heavier. With an almost raw sensibility and the biggest dynamic display on the record, ‘A Place to Run’ is bound to be a crowd-pleaser live.

With their debut EP 2far2jump have weaved together some of the best elements of pop-punk and pop-rock. Packed with catchy choruses and infectious melodies, First Attempts At Everything will guarantee to have fans singing along and can only propel the band to even bigger heights. Score: 6.5/10 Facebook:/2far2jump Twitter: @2far2jump

Review by Phoebe Constable