Borders 'Diagnosed' EP Review

British heavy metal band Borders just dropped their new EP, Diagnosed. The Lincoln based metallers recently recruited a new vocalist to the band, JJ Olifent, whose brutal deathcore style screams add a new level of depth to the bands chunky metal riffage.

Opening track 'Analyst' is explosive, yet dark in tone. Full of choppy guitar and screams of 'how do you sleep at night?' it shows us what Borders are all about straight from the get go. Even heavier is 'Comatosed', a song that takes all the techniques used in 'Analyst' and cranks them up a notch. This is a band that would certainly appeal to fans over on the deathcore side of heavy, despite the band not explicitly belonging to the genre, and just for good measure the song contains an extra dose of beatdown for all your mosh pit needs.

Something interesting happens on third track 'Indoctrinated', we get some magnificent clean vocals that really bring something different to the song. Sitting somewhere between the vocal styles of BMTH's Oli Sykes and We Came As Romans' Kyle Pavone, these cleans are sadly few and far between and could probably be better optimised by the band on future releases. There is definitely a ton of potential here for the band to bring something really great to the heavy scene if they make more use of these uniquely standout vocal capabilities.

The final track on the EP, 'Watch The World Burn' isn't much different from the songs we just heard, but we do hear some chopped up post production backing vocals that give the song just a little bit of stand out quality, but not enough to quite break the mould. Overall this is a solid release, but more than anything it shows a band who have the potential to make waves if they just bring some of the more unique aspects of these songs to the forefront, rather than leaving them in the background in small moments within each song. Score: 6/10 Facebook:/BordersBandUK Twitter: @BordersBandUK Review by Elliot Grimmie


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