The Coal Porters To Embark on their 5th British Tour

The unique sound of The Coal Porters will be touring Britain for the 5th time in 2017. It’s a really major tour: beginning early May 2017 in London, and ending in October in Birmingham.

The Coal Porters have been together since 2002, when Sid Griffin turned from electric music to pursue a folk/indie/bluegrass/celtic sound.

With an exciting new line-up of Paul Fitzgerald on banjo and Kerenza Peacock on the strings, the gig in Sheffield looks to be a very special event! Worth a mention is Kerenza’s work with pop singer Adele on her most recent world tour! She has also worked with big names like Eric Clapton and Paul Weller.

Their latest album, No.6, dabbles in new sounds, pushing The Coal Porters’s musical experimentation.

For those of you in Yorkshire and anywhere nearby: come along to The Coal Porters at The Greystone’s in Sheffield on the 2nd of June, 2017!

Photo Credit: Chico Vaughn