Wolfe Sunday Releases New Single 'The Barstool Brawler's Son'

Folk Punk artist Laurence Crow AKA Wolfe Sunday has released his latest single 'The Barstool Brawler's Son'. The finishing touches are currently being made to the 3rd Wolfe Sunday album whilst he looks for an independent label to release it and spread it to a wider audience.

Wolfe Sunday has been relentlessly hitting the road and playing shows and has gathered the budget to be able to hire a studio on his second album rather than the homemade makings of his debut. As a full time touring musician this third album promises to sound exactly the way it was meant to be heard. So that single then, 'The Barstool Brawler's Son' is a real "cheeky chappy" anthem that feels like a massive leap for Wolfe Sunday. The production behind the song is fantastic allowing for vocal techniques to be clearly heard. The small guitar solo at the end is also a nice touch. The song features cleverly witty lyrics; "Drinking gets you into fights, you've been drinking every night" and tells the tale of The Barstool Brawlers Son. As the song ends you find yourself wanting to hit the replay button to catch bits of the story you missed. Clever lyrical content combined with a real listenable factor to this single makes for one of the strongest Wolfe Sunday releases to date.

Check out the song below:


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