God Dethroned: 'The World Ablaze' - Album Review

God Dethroned are one of the Death Metal bands to be often overlooked and I just don’t see why. Seeming to have more of a presence within Black Metal circles but generally speaking are just not where they should be for their output. The World Ablaze marks their 10th album and first since their early 2012 split. They consistently show an aggressive melodic and all out brutal approach to their music and with a well-defined fire of a sound. It may be that the reach of band being nowhere near where it should be is part of why they split for a second time in 2012 but ultimately their power and energy couldn’t let them stay dead. There’s just that need to keep a god dethroned.

‘A Call to Arms’ kicks up the energy and sees the beautiful guitar work at its strength drums hammering in what’s to come. So we launch the ‘Annihilation Crusade’ kick up that energy with a song that is actually a tad on the slow side. An approach to Death Metal which is always good to see; it doesn’t have to be fast to be powerful. ‘Annihilation Crusade’ very much feels like typical God Dethroned but breaking into that melody reminds you of what they can really hammer into their songs. ‘The World Ablaze’ a thunderous pound into a song energetic and atmospheric a real call to arms. The faster and relentless sounding roar of ‘On the Wrong Side of the Wire’ just really picks up that death-like snarl that keeps the band at strength as dark form extreme Metal raw and violent. ‘Close to Victory’ is a song where you really start to hear the vocals anew, it really goes to show just how important God Dethroned’s vocals are to Metal.

‘Königsberg’ isn’t afraid to really throw in that atmosphere, we break for a moment of foreboding. But let’s turn those volumes back up. We have a violent guitar to burn. ‘Escape Across the Ice (The White Army)’ is actually very groovy at heart but through the raw aggression of God Dethroned you could miss this – it becomes something else. ‘Breathing Through Blood’ really plays with its instruments and is a wonderful point to mention just how much God Dethroned keep it varied, often very fast, often very aggressive and often very melodic but always interesting. A strength many bands struggle to understand. A classic sense of old school Death Metal really smashes in a sense of itself with ‘Messina Ridge’ whilst ‘The 11th Hour’ closes the album with an aggression dominated with a melodic guitar that just wants to keep playing and have fun with the track. It doesn’t stop it just gets turned down.

An album that almost doesn’t want to stop itself. For extreme metal it’s up there and it’s God Dethroned on good form. Good to see it’s still there after the hiatus. This stuff is extreme metal at its best and really pulls out some of the stops that they may be a bit violent and aggressive for the rest of the metal crowd, it could even be worth a listen for them.


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