Evertim//Fruitcake 'Split EP' Review

Brighton based pop-punkers Evertim and London emo outfit Fruitcake released a split EP last week. The DIY release is a four-track EP and follows Evertim's debut EP Learn To Swim and Fruitcake's second EP Totally Original Songs both of which were released last year. Now it is not often heard of that two unsigned bands will attempt a split EP and is also very ambitious. It is usually something you find established bands doing as a side-project. Let's dive in.

Opening track, which happens to be the single released by Evertim, is called 'Knots'. The melancholy song features sporadic lead clean guitars and soaring vocals in the chorus. With a sound much like Moose Blood are nailing at the moment the instant appeal is definitely here! Check out the video below which shows a dude that is seemingly in "Knots" but at this house party/show manages to push it all aside to approach his girl and reconcile with her (I think).

Fruitcake's single release 'The Dad Bod Is In' cleverly continues the story arc that 'Knots' set up, but focuses on the love interest of the the guy in the first video and shows us her perspective (I think). As for the song itself there is a more lively, upbeat feel from the outset and the difference in style is noticeable. With prominent solos and clean leads throughout accompanied. The song is quite technical too with a sort of breakdown/distorted section and tempo sudden changes. The band are playing the same set in the video as Evertim did and where videos don't normally weigh in on the music in reviews, these two singles have been very cleverly thought out and only support the strength in this split EP.

Addressing the two songs on the EP that aren't singles, second track 'Shots You're Missing' again features a stunning chorus that really lifts the song. Keeping its pace throughout, which feels like a nice balance after 'Knots', it has a real intensity to it especially when we approach the end of the song with a roaring lead line from the guitar and hard-hitting drumming. Final song 'No More Food Songs' is again a nice change from previous track 'The Dad Bod Is In' yet still features those quirky lead guitar lines dropped in when you least expect it. It is impressive and again quite technical at times. Diversity has really been shown here from both bands. If you had asked me beforehand whether I think this would work I would have been skeptical but this is a very well thought out EP that drives a solid theme. In this case the two music videos for each individual band's singles really strengthen the music and bring something refreshing and different too.


You can listen to the 'Split EP' from Evertim and Fruitcake right HERE.