Dan Wright 'Drunken Words and Sober Thoughts' EP Review

His first EP, Lyrics on a Postcard, reached number 11 in the iTunes singer-songwriter charts, and now he’s back with Drunken Words and Sober Thoughts. Dan Wright, who grew up in Leicester, UK, has written a 5 track EP that discusses the breakdown of human communication, especially when under the influence. The sound of the album is distinctly singer-songwriter, though Wright has an unusually strong voice that really expresses the emotion of his songs.

"Good To Be Home" has a very catchy chorus - with a rocky-yet-acoustic sound combined with the lyrics and melody, the song verges on Indie folk. It’s short and sweet and a punchy opener to the EP. "Kings and Slaves" has a very different sound to "Good to be Home", with a rocky-come-country sound. The lyrics are poetical, especially in the slow verses. I really like the changes in the song, from a calm verse to a more energetic chorus: it adds an unexpected sense of diversity. While some of the words get a bit lost, the chorus definitely has me tapping my foot!

The titular track, has a simple opening, but the lyrics ring out. The song has a wonderful build up reminiscent of Mumford and Sons. The song captures the wildness of a night out, it’s energy increasing then falling. It discusses the wish to forget a memory - perhaps an event that happened on a night out. "Missing You Tonight" is a melancholic song about a lost relationship that others never took seriously. A relationship formed to fill spare time turned into something deeper. It’s a sweet and sad melody. The last song, "My Little Demon", tells of a loss of freedom: “Let me go to where I belong”. It portrays a real sense of desperate emotion.

Each of the songs portray a form of loss; loss of communication, love, or memories. The album has a melancholic tone, enhanced by Wright’s distinctive voice. The songs all have a very similar style - singer-songwriter, rock, and country mixed in one. Although the songs all sound rather similar, they are good, well-written songs and there are only 5 tracks, each of which discuss a different topic.

The album is out now!