The Family - Welcome To The Family | EP Review

Formed from the gritty bottom of the alternative music scene, Sheffield bred four piece The Family rise with a sound that merges down toned hardcore, with fuzzy and unmastered aspects of dirty grunge that can only be loved. Set to release their debut EP Welcome To The Family on the 19th of May that holds four fully armed, chaotic tracks, the band are bound to send shock-waves of amazement through the scene with this release, leaving them flailing with interest from many.

The Family provide us with four tasteful tracks inside of their new release which really determines their direction as a band. All four songs showcase true inspirations of old school grunge and punk with their raw and sniggering instrumentals, topped off with bold vocals that drives the band's music in a disorderly direction that can only be described as good old rock and roll. 'Radio Headphones' is a track that can be guaranteed will leave listeners banging their collective feet to the sound of shattering symbols whilst being endorsed by a sticky, mind tripping chorus.

Welcome To The Family is an EP that almost demands itself to be played again. For the Sheffield rockers to find a sound that truly suits them so effortlessly this early on is somewhat startling, whereas it's not unheard of for some bands to take a couple if not several records to find themselves at home within a sound. An exciting future awaits this Northern quartet who are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Score: 9/10 Facebook:/thefamilylovesyou Twitter: @TheFamilyLovesU