Introducing... ANEWRAGE

Citing influences from Slipknot and Alter Bridge, Italian alternative metal outfit ANEWRAGE are a bunch that manage to cause a surprise in more ways than one. On the band - drummer and programmer Alessandro Ferrarese said: We consider ourselves more a family than a band. We’ve all know each other since we were kids and we’ve been playing together since we were 12. ANEWRAGE is just a nickname, a monicker; something we can use to call this group of true friends who believe in the same dream: living with music and putting every drop of energy into it". After working tirelessly since their inception to continue growth in popularity - the band recently released their sophomore record Life-Related Symptoms, which is said to further the bands exploration of musical genres and is perfect for anyone looking for a blend of blasting metal and orchestral intimacy. You can check out 'Outside' by the band below: Life-Related Symptoms is available now on iTunes/Spotify